DGi Collektive is an offshoot of Tuchangamke Group Media Module. initiated in 2018. DGi Collektive is a multimedia and consultancy company,driven by creative professionals with background in arts, programming, media, graphics design, branding, video editing, digital storytelling and project consultancy. DGi is set up in a Multimedia studio, which creates and deliver the following services: Photography, Videography, Graphic works, Performing Arts-Management, Branding,Production trainings and consultancy services for artists, individuals, corporates, businesses and NGOS.

The Collektive Module is located at Ambar Enterprises building, Baricho road, Nairobi, Kenya.

what DGI is all about


DGi, meaning Digital I or oneself. was formed in 2018. as a collektive collectively working on multimedia projects, connecting artistic ,digital and business ideas, to a fine tuned product or outcome,


we listen, then prepare concept for the client. we also encourage the client to develop concept, as we fine tune to the final product.an inclusive process is intergral to clients needs and important to us as a team


We are team of 8 professionals, in areas of : Photography, Project Consultancy, Film-Videography, Digital Content, Graphic design, Branding, Performing Arts/management, and Web development


We offer the following services: indoor and outdoor photography(creative n conceptual), video production, live streaming broadcast, documentaries, short film, infographics, 2d animation, graphic design, branding, performing arts entertainments, festival management and project consultancy.


we work jealously to deliver project on time


every project is quoted fairly to the client, we offer discount to first time client.

DGi Production Studios

DGi Collektive has partnered with DGiBRANDEM studios as one entity that to caters to live streaming event, videography, photography, TV production, video editing, podcasting, online Radio, graphic works and production training.
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Amber Enterprises Building, 2nd flr, Baricho road.